Managing Silent Mental Evolutions

"Issue": 069

short dispatch

when you work with incredibly intelligent teammates, on highly collaborative, creative, and interlocking design

you have to actively manage the silent moments where the subconscious works on its own,,, and previously agreed upon expressions continue to move beyond the spoken team space

this impact expands when each person goes to make moves, realizing the collective dream

then the edges seem to not line up, you stand around and question how it happened, and have to take out a razor,,, and that’s far less fun


this most recent expression of eternal has been, like the other ones, very different

but one of the main things has been a conscious effort to have agreed upon synthesis

i’m not going to share the sauce we think has helped us, because it’ll be misleading, and copying what someone else does doesn’t help you do anything compellingly

i just want to share the code that is the silent movement of a once shared idea —> now a kinetic subconscious moment that i promise you is happening within everyone

once you see it, you won’t stop seeing it, and then you can manage with it — instead of against it

I don’t do edits really, so excuse typos and things that don’t make sense.

Thanks so much for giving me your attention. I hope it was worth it, if not… unsubscribing will not hurt my feelings, and will give you back time you literally cannot have back.

Much love.

Live in the light