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Short Dispatch.

I think it’s important to look at everything we interact with. To really see it…

Something I’ve been able to see more closely, recently, is the nature of dj culture. This is naturally a function of running around with Luca this summer.

virgil abloh usb

Why doesn’t “cloud” work like dj’s pulling up to the table.

Walk up. Jack in. Vibe on.

This, to me, was the promise of cloud. And yet, I don’t feel this at all. I can’t walk up to any work station. Tap my ring, and continue where I mentally left off in my apartment.

We are, in many ways, media bodies. But I want my body to be free, not lugging around my hardware because it’s the only one that knows my touch.

Sure there’s Google Drive, Notion, Dropbox… but this doesn’t have the vibe we are going for. I think we all know this.

Urbit has some of this vibe. It feels like a bunny hop over Web3, straight into Web4. A glimpse into that land…

But that’s basically the complete thought… I think the promise of cloud and what that means to my ability to pull up and work anywhere… is actually much further away than we actually are. And this example of what it’s like to pull up and do a set at tables that aren’t yours, gives a strong example of what it can feel like.

A few more kind of connected thoughts.

What can crypto hardware really look like… I had the pleasure of chatting with Kei where this question was revaulted to the front of my mind. If we are building new computing paradigms — let’s take that all the way there,,, like all the way there.

This ties into my belief that we are going to see far more stylistic hardware based on how we want to feel extended within our environment. We are in such early early days of this, but you can see it. The Oculus Quest 2 is very good. Spectacles. Airpods. Emerge. Niantic is working on something… Humane!!! SHOW YOURSELVES. I wouldn’t discount hardware wallets from this progression either. But it’s not the same as individuals running a full node beyond the grasp of AWS.

Final Thought.

I was thinking about what the vocoder of social would look like. Watching this youtube, I kept coming back to the complexity and dimensions voice expresses. I don’t think we play with social tooling as much as we should. But, whatever we don’t do a lot of things. Another good video on how powerful the voice can be…

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